A Sneak Peek of What's Inside my Everyday Kit

July 27, 2018

All of us must have a sense of necessity when it comes to personal kikay kits. I must admit that I have been addicted in bringing things to make sure that I will look as presentable as possible. Knowing that meeting people in our daily lives is inevitable, we must simply ensure that we will be as decent at its finest.

Stop with the introductory part as I am very much eager to show you what's honestly inside my kit. Just to set proper expectations, I am not using those extravagant product. These are my usual "kaek-ekan" for my everyday work and occasional hangouts. 

1. Maybelline Fit Me Stick Foundation and Matte Poreless Powder 

Having an oily skin has always been my problem since high school days and I find it hard to look for a foundation that will last. That is why I have both products mentioned above. Stick Foundation doesn't last long for me, that is why I need to use a powder to cover the oiliness from time to time. 

2. Bare Body Lip Scrub, Eyebag Cream and Vaseline Lip Therapy

Chapped lips moment is really a curse, that is why I always make sure to bring a lip balm or something close. This lip therapy is actually a gift from a close friend, as well the as the Lip Scrub and Eyebag Cream. Lucky I have some sponsors for these amazing products! (Thanks, guys! XOXO) 

3. Dear Darling Tint and Lip and Cheek Stain Alive

As usual, I didn't buy them for myself, rather a gift from close ones again. I am not an avid fan of lip tints that is why I don't normally buy them whenever I go to malls. These tints I have now are the one I use as blush as, for me, they last longer than normal power blushes. 

4. Eye Liner

I happen to forget the brand of the eye liner that I have been using for a month already. Yes, I use this one for my everyday look as I am that girl who's literally not into having the most perfect #KilayGoals. But, yeah, this works for me. Most definitely! 


5. Liquid Lipsticks

And this has been my latest pleasure now. Whenever I pass along make up stations inside the malls, I can't help but to swatch and test them on my hand. I just feel that even you don't have anything on your face, as long as you have your lipstick on, you can survive a day. I know many of you can relate! 

And that sums up what's inside my everyday kit. I know it seemed mostly plain and common belongings, but they are definitely my company during works, hangouts and special gatherings, or whenever I want to channel out the inner girl in me. :)

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