How I End Up Having My Personal Blog? : 5 Tips on How to Start Your Own Blog

August 03, 2018

I know some of you might wonder what inspired and pushed me to do a personal blogging site. Well, as a matter of fact, I also wonder at times!

It all started when I and my friends started to render our internship with a personal blogger who already established a name in the online media industry. At first, it was just an idea for me to create a blog since I had a hard time thinking what the blog would contain and my free time was very limited since I was a graduating Journalism student back then.

Moving on, I decided to create a blog site using the free hosting site "WordPress" and then moved to "Blogspot" later on. I started writing book reviews because I am very fond of reading books, novels specifically. It was followed by articles about the events I was covering during my internship days. 

It was a big turn around when blogging became my passion after I graduated, because back then, I only considered it as a pastime. There were times I used to spend most of my time writing blogs, consuming couple of hours customizing the layout of my site, and looking for ways to improve it further. And that time when I finally got a dotcom (.com) domain, I was the happiest girl on earth, because, finally, I had the chance to have my own URL!

Creating and having your own personal blog site is bit of a challenge, honestly. That  is why I have come up with this blog article to help you guys, in the best way that I can, when it comes to setting up your personal blog site. 

Here are some tips that may help you in the future: 

1. Know what exactly what you want your blog site to contain.

Having the theme of the blog is one of the most challenging part I had. I really don't know where I want my site to revolve, so I have decided to make a blog where I can write whatever I want and have a freestyle-themed blog site. As you can see, I have book reviews, personal travel experiences, events I joined, and press releases. 

If you consider having a broad scope like mine, I highly suggest to make sure that it will be organized properly on your blogs, especially on the navigation part on the home of your site. 

2. Don't force yourself to write when you are in the mood for writing. 

Every one of us has the most convenient time when it comes to writing. As for myself, I like to write during wee hours or when I just feel to. You don't have to force something to come out your mind and to write when you are not in the mood. Why? Because you tend to be writing something just for the sake of having your blog up to date, rather than writing something to express yourself and letting people know about it. 

3. Experiment on your blog site.

Tweaking is the key! Being experimental on the blogs when it comes to the layout and design is really a good habit. You will not know what you are capable of when you don't try it at all. As I've mentioned earlier, I used to dedicate most of my hours experimenting on the look of my blog site. I never knew I would learn basic codes tweaking (themes), editing raw photos (for articles), and exploring deeper settings of Blogspot to improve the appearance of my site. All learned just by myself. 

You, as well, may learn something that you thought you can't do on your own. You just have to believe in yourself. 

4. Never be afraid to share your online articles through your Social Media accounts.

I know that there will be times when you will feel shy posting your own work to your personal accounts such as Facebook and Twitter because you are afraid that your friends might see to it as a thing for them to judge you. Well, the purpose of blogging is to express, regardless of what other people will say. 

Let them know about what you write and bear in mind that there will always be criticism everywhere, you just need to handle it accordingly. Don't be afraid to ask for comments and suggestions for your work or for your blog site in general. There will always be room for improvements, and getting it from your friends is a good start to know where specifically can you do the enhancement. 

5. Join media events or any gatherings that may help you meet people with the same interest as yours. 

Lastly, meet people who loves blogging too. You will learn a lot from them and they are all friendly. As a beginner myself, I joined groups for bloggers on Facebook and there I found helpful tips that,  indeed, helped me in creating mine. 

There are also gatherings organized by media partners or fellow bloggers where you can meet a wide variety of bloggers and online influencers. You can take advantage of these events to help you get along with the people with the same interest as yours and who knows, one event may be the start of your blog's great shot. 

If you reached this part of my article, I really thank you for taking some time to read my hope-it-was-helpful blog. It means a lot to me. If you are planning to create your own blog, go! Don't be afraid to take risk. You will never know where your blog site can bring you until you start building it.

If you are a blogger, you may also share below some tips for people who are thinking of starting their own blog sites. If you are one of them, you may also comment below any question or feedback and I will be glad to respond to them. Have a great day! 

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