How to get a cedula?: A step by step process.

January 05, 2017

Community Tax Certificate or most commonly known as Cedula is a certification of the payment of your tax within your district (barangay). This is also a requirement for getting Barangay and Police Clearance.

Last March 28, I just got hired. Upon employment, I was advised to settle all the legal documents I’ll be needing for my work. So the first step I did was to get a cedula.

So here’s the process I went through to get mine:

1). Go to your Barangay Hall and kindly ask for a cedula.

2). You’ll be ask for information to be written in the cedula, basically just personal info about you such as name, birthday, and status.

3). A certain amount will be charged to you as your community tax. You need to pay it. In my case, I paid 44 Pesos.

4). Last step will be a Right Thumb Print in the left down side of the cedula. After that you’ll finally have your Community Tax Certificate/Cedula.

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