How Is It To Love A Writer?

July 19, 2020

Ever wonder what is the feeling of falling in love with a person who is so passionate with writing?

Well, loving a writer is definitely one of the most challenging yet fulfilling things a person can possibly do. Yes, it may seem complicated dealing with them but, believe me, when they love, expect a love that will make you see things differently. Loving them will be one of your best decisions in life.

To love a writer is to love an open book. You won't be needing to ask what they want to say or what they’re feeling because by their works, you will be able to know what are the things going through their minds. Basically, their emotions and thoughts are determined by their works, and it’ll make it easier for you to deal with them based on certain situations by simply using context clues from their works.

To love a writer is to be ready being the lead character in their masterpiece. You will be the center of their works. Most of the stories or poems they will be making will probably be about you and the memories you both created, or the things they are anticipating to happen.

To love a writer is to expect all the possible metaphorical phrases they will use when you are with each other. Know that these phrases will be their way to show you how much they love you. Their words may sound flowery but, trust me, they are saying things straight from their hearts.

To love a writer is to enjoy sudden silent moments when you are together. There will surely be times that they will not talk for about few minutes and will savor the moment with you. This is because they want to remember every bit of that exact moment, so that every detail will be perfectly described when they decided to write about you again. Simply because they want to appreciate every second with you.

Yes, loving a writer has so many perks.

"But when you break a writer’s heart, know that you will always be remembered, and will forever live inside his/her works."

Writers turn their heartaches into compositions, where they express their feelings and release all the pain into something meaningful. They will bleed words until they feel okay. This is because they consider writing as one of the most effective ways of coping up with the situation.

Once they have already moved on, they will be ready to write for someone new. Someone who will see their worth, someone who will be the new center of their future works. And that’s exactly the time when you will feel sorry for breaking their heart.

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  1. Ang ganda. .😘 pero nagustuhan ko po ung but when you breaks a writers heart. . Totoo nmn kasi po un kaht hnd ako writer gingawa nila inspiration ung heartache nila to recover and say all their feelings in a way of writing. Sana all writer. 😅 Godbless po. 💕

  2. Naiinspire ako sa mga katulad nyo na writer. Nakakawala din ng stress at nailalabas nila ang saloobin nila sa pagsusulat. Nice content.




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