Worth Having Pak Awra Lip Tints Review

November 19, 2018

Lip Tint has always been a part of my kikay kit. Never in my life did I forget one of them, especially when there are events to attend to. That is why I tend to buy and buy and buy until they no longer fit in my kit. 

Nevertheless, I always make sure that the lip tints I will be buying are long lasting, spread evenly when applied to lips, and most importantly, skin-friendly. 

Good news for me as I found one of the best tints that you may love as well. What I am talking about are tints from Pak Awra. I got the Dalaginding and the Nagmamaganda Shades which are totally fit for those you want to have a natural but pak na pak lip shade.

Let me show you the swatch I made for the two color I got which are definitely lit!

And this is me wearing the Nagmamaganda Shade for my brother's wedding. 

As a lip tint lover myself, I would highly recommend Pak Awra if you want to have worth having lip tint on your own kit. They also have other shades on which you can choose from and I'll give them  5/5 stars for their tints!

To reach them, you may send a private message on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/paknapakawrahan/ or contact them on Viber 09771445573.

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