Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Brushing our teeth has been a very big part of our daily routine. It keeps our teeth from cavities that may lead to problems such as tooth decay. But some kids may hate brushing teeth and tend to skip it, leading to early teeth problems.

Colgate, the leading toothpaste brand in the Philippines, made it more fun for the kids to brush their teeth by launching Colgate’s Minions toothbrush and Minions toothpaste. It is impossible for the kids to resist the cuteness of these products, for every kid must be very in love with Minions. I, myself, love Minions too! Products are available for kids from ages 2-9

Look how adorable Colgate's newest products (Colgate’s Minions toothbrush and Minions toothpaste) for the kids are:

In our family, there is only one kid, my nephew, and we always make sure that he brushes his teeth three times a day to maintain the good condition of his teeth.

This new products will surely make my nephew's brushing experience more fun, knowing that he loves Minions so much.

Are you interested in buying these Colgate products? Don't worry because you can order it online. You might as well want to check this links for easier purchase:

Colgate Minions Kids 2-5 Years Old (Junior) Oral Care Pack:

Colgate Minions Kids 5-9 Years Old (Youth) Oral Care Pack:

Thursday, May 25, 2017

JulianElla is a famous love team in the Philippines and was built with the fans' support for Teen Dance Princess Ella Cruz and Julian Trono. They are known as the dance duo who already covered different dance covers that trended online.

Ella Cruz recently uploaded a Video Blog (Vlog) to show the fans how she and Julian Trono enjoyed the concert of Coldplay in Manila a few months ago. 

Click the link and see the latest upload of the teen dance princess and start to feel the kilig vibes!

Power Mac Center returns to the Philippine Fashion Week runways to flaunt the hottest tech accessories and show the world how marrying top-notch Filipino fashion and cutting-edge tech products is done. This partnership cements Power Mac Center’s position as a lifestyle brand dedicated to setting trends in fashion tech that coincide with the global vision of Philippine Fashion Week.

As its Official Technology Retail partner, the premium Apple reseller brings its newest collection of meticulously crafted accessories to the country’s grandest fashion congregation happening on May 27-28, 2017 at the Discovery Primea in Makati City.

This year’s line-up is composed of premium brands with an international audience. Power Mac Center partners Sonix, Moshi, Wraps, Jabra, Sennheiser and Hoco are set to wow the fashion glitterati with their latest innovations, integrated into the Holiday 2017 collections of some of the country’s renowned fashion designers.

“Power Mac Center has always supported creative self-expression. Over the years, we’ve seen brands reinvent tech accessories in terms of design and functionality and we’d like to see how that plays out with this year’s roster of designers and their collections,” said Power Mac Center Marketing Director Joey Alvarez.

A trendsetter in consumer electronics in its own right, Power Mac Center carefully curated the pieces that best represent its vision for the future of tech accessories. Among the trends it will present this year are printed power banks, wristband headphones, full-sized yet lightweight backpacks, wireless earphones with integrated training apps, classic watch bands, and luxury headphones. 

To show how these trends and digital tools are woven into the fabric of modern life, Mixy Dy, Kaye Morales, Jerome Salaya-Ang, Jeffrey Rogador, EsAc, and Pat Santos worked closely with the brands to create an exceptional collection of fashion-forward pieces that mix well with designer tech accessories. Gone are the days when “techie” meant “geeky” in the looks department and in its place is a new aesthetic that’s perfect for the fashion savvy and tech-obsessed millennial generation.

Established in 1994, Power Mac Center has grown to be the premier Apple reseller and authorized service provider in the Philippines. It carries world-renowned brands of digital lifestyle essentials and provides Filipinos the complete Apple experience through its extensive network of retail stores, service centers, and training facilities nationwide. More information about products and services may be obtained from Power Mac Center’s 29 branches or at www.powermaccenter.com  or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@powermaccenter).

Sunday, May 14, 2017

You don’t need to check a thermometer or even your phone app to know that summer is here. And yes, that means fun and frolicking, whether in the lakes, rivers, and beaches or in mountains, hills, and forests. The great outdoors beckon! But before you run out on your next adventure, make sure that you slather on sun protection.

From the makers of Cetaphil, Daylong sun care products help you get sun-kissed, not sun-burnt this season. SPF or the Sun Protection Factor helps you determine what is perfect for your skin and your activity. But how does it work? SPF refers to how much protection is given by a sunscreen when applied to skin at a thickness of 2mg/cm2. For example: When wearing a sunscreen with SPF30, skin exposure can last for 5 hours protected from sunburn (given if an individual develops redness after 10min of sun exposure).

Daylong products are oil free, non-greasy, non-comedogenic, fragrance free, and very water resistant. They provide highly effective UVA, UVB and IR protection and nourish skin with aloe vera and vitamin E. Daylong SPF 50+ Light Gel gives maximum protection for oily or sun-sensitive skin. Daylong SPF 30 Spray Lotion is a liposomal sunscreen that gives medium protection for sun-sensitive skin. Daylong Kids SPF 50+ Lotion is specially formulated for sensitive kids’ skin from 12 months. 

Because they are from the makers of Cetaphil, Daylong products are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

Stock up on Daylong lotions and gels to protect you and your family as you swim, surf, trek, run this summer! Daylong is available at beauty stores, drugstores, and supermarkets nationwide.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Summer time! The scorching heat is definitely calling most of you to go wander around beaches here in the Philippines. I, myself, cannot resist the temptation to go enjoy the summer heat. It was a good news for me when I heard that there will be a long weekend and what popped up in my mind was "go to the beach" repeatedly. 

So here's the wonderful news, we went on a family outing to the beautiful province of..."AURORA!"

We had a travel time of 6-7 hours from our province, Bulacan, to Aurora. It was quite a long but worth it drive. Our first itinerary was Rock and Sand Beach Resort in Dipaculao, Aurora, two hours estimated travel time from Baler. 

Here are some photos taken at the beach:

You can set up your own tent or portable beach mat. You can place it under the shade of trees so you will not get too much tan. But if you want to have those tan lines after your beach escapade, you can place it under the sun. Just don't forget to apply sunscreen so you will not get too much burn.

You can see behind us the low tide sea. It was 2:00 in the afternoon that time and we needed to wait until around 4:30 PM for the water to come back to the shore.

The view is very suitable for your artsy Instagram feed. The ocean, the lighting, and the other nature aspects are very nice.

The sunset can be viewed across the mountain view and is also good for you Instagram feed. It was so relaxing to witness this kind of view.

The following day, we needed to go somewhere else because the room accommodation was quite not good in terms of power supply. The power was supplied only by power generator and sometimes the generator can't supply enough energy for the appliances such as air conditioner.

So the our family decided to go back to Baler and spend our last day of outing there. We went to Diguisit Falls but there are too many people and we will probably not enjoy our time there and also, it is not suitable for the children in our family because of its steepness.

Again we decided to look for another itinerary. We went to Ermita Hills. I can compare this place to Baguio's Mine's View. There is also a souvenir shop inside the place so you can buy shirts, key holders, ref magnets and others.

After Ermita Hills, we went to a beach in Baler. I was not sure what's the name of the lodge we rented. We only spent hours there because we needed to go home early. But that couple of hours was all worth it. 

We rented a surf board because Baler trip will never be the same without you experiencing the fun of surfing.

It was really a fun and unforgettable experience. And if asked to go back there, yes, definitely, I will be back to Baler!

It was only two days in Aurora but the experience will be with me, forever. Thank you, Aurora, for the wonderful memories! ❤️