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May 03, 2017

Summer time! The scorching heat is definitely calling most of you to go wander around beaches here in the Philippines. I, myself, cannot resist the temptation to go enjoy the summer heat. It was a good news for me when I heard that there will be a long weekend and what popped up in my mind was "go to the beach" repeatedly. 

So here's the wonderful news, we went on a family outing to the beautiful province of..."AURORA!"

We had a travel time of 6-7 hours from our province, Bulacan, to Aurora. It was quite a long but worth it drive. Our first itinerary was Rock and Sand Beach Resort in Dipaculao, Aurora, two hours estimated travel time from Baler. 

Here are some photos taken at the beach:

You can set up your own tent or portable beach mat. You can place it under the shade of trees so you will not get too much tan. But if you want to have those tan lines after your beach escapade, you can place it under the sun. Just don't forget to apply sunscreen so you will not get too much burn.

You can see behind us the low tide sea. It was 2:00 in the afternoon that time and we needed to wait until around 4:30 PM for the water to come back to the shore.

The view is very suitable for your artsy Instagram feed. The ocean, the lighting, and the other nature aspects are very nice.

The sunset can be viewed across the mountain view and is also good for you Instagram feed. It was so relaxing to witness this kind of view.

The following day, we needed to go somewhere else because the room accommodation was quite not good in terms of power supply. The power was supplied only by power generator and sometimes the generator can't supply enough energy for the appliances such as air conditioner.

So the our family decided to go back to Baler and spend our last day of outing there. We went to Diguisit Falls but there are too many people and we will probably not enjoy our time there and also, it is not suitable for the children in our family because of its steepness.

Again we decided to look for another itinerary. We went to Ermita Hills. I can compare this place to Baguio's Mine's View. There is also a souvenir shop inside the place so you can buy shirts, key holders, ref magnets and others.

After Ermita Hills, we went to a beach in Baler. I was not sure what's the name of the lodge we rented. We only spent hours there because we needed to go home early. But that couple of hours was all worth it. 

We rented a surf board because Baler trip will never be the same without you experiencing the fun of surfing.

It was really a fun and unforgettable experience. And if asked to go back there, yes, definitely, I will be back to Baler!

It was only two days in Aurora but the experience will be with me, forever. Thank you, Aurora, for the wonderful memories! ❤️

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  1. Baler is so nice, though it's really a long drive but worth the wait. Love your photos by the way ^^ Happy Summery Time ^^


    1. Thanks! Definitely a must-comeback place. Enjoy the Summer! :)




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