I can now “SAY NO TO NGILO” and YES to Great Little Moments!

June 10, 2015

Back then, I’ve been suffering from sensitive teeth. Eating cold foods such as ice creams and ice pops has been a problem for me when I was young. Those are the foods I craved the most that time, yet I have no choice but to stay away from them to prevent pangingilo or endure the pain I feel whenever I taste iced or frozen foodies just to fill my cravings. I get so jealous on how my playmates can enjoy those foods. Even my mother felt pity on how I can’t get what I want.
Now that I’m in my teenage years, sensitive teeth is still my problem. Milk teas, frappes, iced drinks, etc. Yes, I love all of them but whenever I think of buying them, I got so worried that they may give me this ngilo feels that I am most afraid of. As I stepped on my college year, I then discovered that I am also not fond of drinking or eating foods and drinks that are hot. Even just a cup black coffee is a challenge for me to finish.
I thought that the only solution to my sensitive teeth is just preventing myself to eat those hot and cold foodies until I found Sensodyne products that helped me fight pangingilo.
Sensodyne Toothpaste that comes in different variants that can help you fight sensitive teeth
Sensodyne offers a full range of toothpastes for sensitive teeth/pangingilo. The best toothpaste and mouthwash for lasting protection from tooth pain is one specially formulated to help protect against sensitive teeth/pangingilo. Sensodyne is the most recommended brand by dentists for sensitive teeth (Source: Ipsos Survey, Jan 2014).
Here’s the good news, June 5, 2015, Sensodyne launched their new Mouthwash with two variants, Cool Mint and Extra Fresh, both have the ability to prevent pangingilo that most Filipinos endure (I’m honestly one of them!). They will now be added to my armor list against sensitive teeth. Now, I don’t have to worry everytime I crave from something hot or cold.
Sensodyne will now be my partner from sensitive teeth plus their new mouthwash:)
I know, it’s not only me who experienced the same problem because 9 out of 10 Filipinos suffer from teeth sensitivity. To help fight this problem, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Sensodyne takes the advocacy a notch higher with the launch of “Great Little Moments” digital campaign which encourages Filipinos not only to “Say No to Ngilo,” but also share their experiences after converting to Sensodyne and how they are able to fully enjoy their great little moments sensitivity-free.
The digital campaign encourages consumers to share their “Great Little Moments” in the Sensodyne Philippines website (www.sensodyne.com.ph) by uploading a photo of a moment (eg. sipping hot chocolate, eating halo-halo, etc.) they can now fully enjoy because they are pangingilo-free. Winners of the contest will win a trip for two to South Korea.
So, join me as I #SayNoToNgilo and Yes to Great Little Moments!:)

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