Thursday, September 27, 2018

They say that it is better to wear comfortable clothes than fashionable ones. How about we bring you comfortable and dapper, together in one? 

We surely do want what’s only the best for us. Right? Well, for garment printing, let me share with you the best printing business I found that you may also consider and love.

Custom Thread is a fashion-tech business that creates customized apparel for teams. Looking back to their history, how interesting that the makers all started from their thesis until they found that this was a good idea for business. Once they’ve created it, it’s the time Sy Fashion Enterprise was born, and after seven years, it was rebranded into Custom Thread. Now, the business is running for more than 10 years, making it as the company to look up to when it comes to garment printing. 

Now, allow me to share with you how you will love Custom Thread even more aside from being a long-running business: 

1. Awesomeness at its finest!

I was very lucky to have a chance to visit their physical store and see their finished products. Honestly, I’m really amazed on how they were done beyond printing standards. 

They offer production of team t-shirts, jackets, polo shirts, and any customized uniforms. 

2. High end and world-class quality

Customer Thread also ensures high-end quality on each item they are making as they do not just want it to be good-looking but also durable and in an excellent condition. They make sure that there would be complete quality control from the production up to finishing touches of the products. They manufacture high quality shirts, jackets, polo shirts, bags, caps and more by using top-notch machines like Kornit, Avalanche DC Pro and Tajima Embroidery Machine. 

That is why you don’t have to be hesitant to choose this company in for your future team apparel needs. You could be convinced that only the best will be provided to you. 

3. Speedy assistance and production 

Aside from the ensured high-end quality products, you will also be assisted accordingly by their agents regarding to the process of production if you wish to partner with them for your team apparels. Not only that, as they make sure they will be doing it in a speedy way, as all of us surely don’t want to wait before getting the products.

These three things are the reason how Custom Thread will make sure that all customers will get satisfactory service and products that they deserve. 

By the way, they also have the Fundr, which is an online platform where you can create and send your own design. In their partnership with Custom Thread, they will also be creating the products for you.

In the future, if you ever need Team Apparels, who you’re gonna call? Custom Thread! And there would be no doubt about that. 

For further inquiries, you may reach them at and on Instagram: @customthreadinc.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

When I was little, I couldn’t forget how I always looked up to and how excited I was about educational trips, where we go to factories, zoos, themed parks, and most especially, to museums.

After I graduated, visiting those places has been a very difficult thing for me to do as I already got my first job that time. Until now, I only have a very limited free time, which I honestly tend to allot for sleep.

When I started working in Manila, I never thought of myself being back to a museum, until, luckily, I was invited to an exclusive event handled and organized by WishCard at Art in Island located in Cubao.

This event was the first ever bloggers’ meet of all the contributors of WishCard and has been an instrument for me to meet more friends. It was indeed a great and unforgettable day.

Included in the program was a tour around the place, which, for me, was actually the best part of event as I was given the chance to channel my inner kid mantra, because as I’ve mentioned earlier, I was totally deprived from museums for way too long because of work and other commitments.

Let me share with you photos I took inside this awesome place.

Art in Island tickets are available 500php for adults, 400php for students, PWD, and senior citizen. Children below 3 feet are free, just make sure they are accompanied and supervised by an adult. You may visit them 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM.

They also offer birthday promotions wherein you can visit the museum for free if it is your birthday, a day before it, or a day after it. Also, group promotion is present wherein if you reach 15 pax, you will automatically get 20% off.

This biggest 3D Art museum is waiting for you. What are you waiting for? Channel the kid in you now!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Jujupig: The Chase of Apple sets to the Apple and Google store platforms last August 2018 and having a hits around the world. A paid app that cost just only $1.99 and enjoy the game for the rest of your life.

Okay… What is new about this game? Delighting the 3D Graphics of the game and having a unique game play that entertains you and make you play for hours. The game is SERIOUSLY challenging and a lot of twist. There are an increasing levels, and as you play longer, the game increases its speed and harder to beat the High scores. Yes! There are also high scores and you can compete with your friends! Challenge yourself to be the #1 seed!

How to score in this game? COLLECT THE JUJUCOINS! The game will convert 1 coin to 1 score. That means, the more coins you get, and the higher you score.

But… how do you get a High score easily? Here are tips in order to pursue the #1 seed in the high score. From the game, if you see an Apple, fetch them right away because these will give you Power Ups! It will give you extra efforts to collect the coins and make it to the top. Collect coins as much as you can so you can also upgrade these Power Ups and make it easier and less likely to be eaten by a Greedy Fox.

Greedy Fox is like the antagonist in every movies, theaters etc. A villain that always behind of every superheroes that take them down. Here in this game, the fox colonizes the Jujuland, take all the coins and treasures, and also, he is right after all of the Flying Pigs, or who we call as Jujupigs.

Jujupigs were trying to defend their land by securing all of the coins and apples are safe in their hands. We need to help them collect the coins and not be eaten by a Fox.

Jujupig have also a good news to all players! Ancient Stones were collected by a collector and we must trade coins or charms in order to get them through a Premium Roulette! These stone would awaken the Three Ancient Jujupigs that can collect faster and safer than the normal Jujupigs. GET the 3 of them quick!

I recommend you to play this game! It’s very addictive game and your boredom will fly away! These are the links for an easy access:

For Android users, download it on Google Play:

For iPhone users, download it on Appstore: