Just Friends (Billy Taylor) Book Review

August 19, 2016

Just Friends

Book Synopsis:

August and Ethan have been best friends since the day they met at Ethan’s seventh birthday party. And now, twelve years on, their friendship continues to grow. But after magic, fame, money and an unexplainable miracle in a car accident, August realizes maybe she wants to be more than just friends.

My Review:

After finishing books from my "To-Read list", this book became one of my favorites! Yes. You read it right. Let me explain why.

One of the elements that I look for a good book is the character. I love how Billy Taylor included only few characters that you can easily distinguish who's talking in every scene. The main characters are Ethan Knight and August Bishop, whose names can be easily remembered.

Tho the story is typical girl-best-friend-loves-boy-best-friend plot, there is something fascinating about every chapter. But I guess this helped Taylor to gain readers because this kind of story is the one mostly everyone can relate to. I, honestly, can relate to the story, knowing that the P.O.V. of the story was from a girl as well.

Billy established every scene very well that in every I want to finish the book immediately and know what's the ending of the story. And when I reached the most exciting part of the book (for me), which is the part when Ethan confessed his feelings to August, I was relieved coz I'm so fond of being disappointed to sad endings. (Haha!)

The conflicts in the story are too good to be true. That's the only part I don't like in the book. I expected worst scenarios that the main characters could have experienced.

Nevertheless, the story was well-ended. I don't feel that it was a cliff-hanger because I liked how it ended. I guess it don't a sequel, for the story may become boring.

I recommend this book to teenagers who are looking for young-adult genre books and for those who love romantic books very much.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Have a happy reading!

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  1. I found out about this book from some tweet posting a pic of one of the scenes and it got me hooked to reading it. Also the pic of the hot author was just a bonus. Did you order your book online?

    Xx discoverdawn.blogspot.ie




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